Khalil Sohrabian

Khalil Sohrabian was born in 1952 in Mashhad, Iran. He got his primary and secondary education in Mashhad. He enrolled at Shahid Beheshti University in 1970 majoring in Architecture and Urban Design and graduated with a Master’s Degree in 1978. During his studies and few years after that, he collaborated with Manistar Architecture Atelier in Tehran. However, in order to acquire more experience and expertise, in addition to his designing activities he started working as a member of Ashiansaz Contracting Company in disadvantaged and deprived areas specially a number of cities in South Khorasan Province. Meanwhile, he also took part in an Architectural competition, earning the first place in “Designing Khayyam Residential Complex in Mashhad” which he also implemented. In 1981, along with some of his work associates, he incorporated Marvzist Construction Company and as the CEO, designed and implemented numerous projects all around the country. In later years while keeping his position as the CEO of Marvzist Co., Khalil Sohrabian established his own Architecture atelier which is currently operating under the name of Ati Naghsh Sohrabian.

Ati Naghsh Sohrabian Co. has been designing and implementing various projects in Iran and its neighbor countries. Among this company’s many achievements are:

winning the “Designing the Chamber of Commerce Building of Khorasan” competition in 1992 which the company also implemented.

Achieving the first place in “Neyshabur Planetarium” International Architectural Competition in 1998.

 Earning the title of “Top Architectural Plan of Construction Projects” in the seventh national Concrete conference of Sharif University of Technology in 2009.

Being awarded as “The Best Exporter of Technical and Construction Services to the Neighbor Countries” in 2006.

Winning the title of “The best Construction Project in Terms of Innovation and Creating Value” in 2011 in the field of commercial complexes in Iran.

Khalil Sohrabian was also chosen as an Everlasting Face of Commercial Buildings Architecture Industry in 2019.


Goodarz Sohrabian

Goodarz Sohrabian was born in Mashhad on May 1, 1985. He studied Urban Design and earned his Master’s degree and PHD from Islamic Azad University- Science and Research Branch on 2010 and 2015 respectively. He worked under his father, Khalil Sohrabian’s supervision in his Architectural atelier during his adolescent years and then collaborated with Tash Consulting Architects and Urban Designers Company which is based in Isfahan during his Bachelor’s education. He has pursued his activities in his father’s atelier from 2009 alongside teaching in universities and he is now a faculty member of Eqhbal Institute of Higher Education. Besides taking part in architectural projects in Ati Naghsh Sohrabian Company, Goodarz Sohrabian also collaborates with Naghshan Consulting Engineers Company in Urban design projects which has resulted in many successful achievements such as earning the first place in “Lighting the Balakhiaban of Mashhad” Urban design competition and also second place in “ Urban Design of Imam Reza Street, Mashhad” international competition.



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