Project Overview

Use: Commercial, Commercial Warehouse, Administrative Offices and Parking

Area of ​​the site: 21000 square meters

Total area: 160,000 square meters

Floors: -2 to +6

Tenant mix: Home appliances, Crystal and Porcelain, Audio and Video, Carpets, Parquet and carpeting, Wallpaper, Home Textiles, Chandeliers and Lighting, Furniture

Project Location

  • The National Home Appliances zone, between Kooshesh 36th and 38th St., Kooshesh St.
  • Proximity to the entrance points of Mashhad, international airport, Line 3 of Mashhad Urban Train and Passenger Terminals
  • Proximity to Shahid Kalantari Boulevard and Namaz Highway
  • Quadrilateral project land and having a street side of 600 meters
  • Proximity to 1.5 acres of urban park and green space

Project Architecture

  • Specific Design of project facade
  • Wide entrance with a width of 25 meters from the edge of Kooshesh Street
  • Central courtyard for events, festivals and exhibitions
  • Designed according to the requirements of the designated guild unions
  • The height of the ceiling of corridors and commercial units is between 5 and 9 meters
  • The existence of half-storey in commercial units with a capacity of 350 kg per square meter
  • Four Wade in each floor
  • Corridor widths between 4.5 m and 6 m
  • Access to six main entrance from four sides of the project

Private warehouses and parking

The efforts of the managers of Aftab Shopping Center have been to meet the requirements of the home appliance guild union to standard warehouses in designing and constructing the project of Aftab Shopping Center. Due to the needs of the home appliance industry and in order to provide the welfare of the businessmen, two floors of Aftab Shopping Center are dedicated to commercial warehouses. Features of Aftab warehouses are as follows:

  • There is a ramp with a width of 6.5 meters and a height of 3.80 meters for the truck to the warehouse floors
  • There is a dock on Kooshesh 36th Street
  • Allocation of freight elevators to warehouses
  • Independent warehouses in warehouses with access to pickups and trucks
  • Independent and special warehouses in the parking lots
  • Useful height of more than 5 meters in the hallways of the warehouse floors

Attention to customer service welfare

  • Central courtyard for celebrations and lotteries
  • The food and drink sections including restaurant, fast food and coffee shop
  • Urban Park and green space with an area of ​​۱۵۰۰۰ square meters in the proximity of the project
  • General parking on three floors with standard ramps (separate walkway with ramp width of 6.5 meters and height of 4 meters)
  • Child Care Center

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